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FamilyHistoryYouth.org and a companion site, FamilyHistoryForYouth.org contain resources for Stake and Ward youth committees to implement into Young Men & Young Women activities as well as include in a Youth Conference that is made up of family history workshops that call for the youth to use their technology skills to contribute to family history efforts.

  • "Activities": contains information about some of the family history activities youth can participate in during a weeknight activity or at a Youth Conference.
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Learn about online Online Gathering Place™, a new and easy way for your family, and your extended family, to work together to share family history information so relatives can all benefit from ancestor histories, documents, and photos.

Visit FamilyHistoryForYouth.org for help planning a Youth Conference focused on family history or to create a family history Online Gathering Place™

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Family History Youth . org is a site containing great activities for youth to enthusiastically embrance the work of turning their hearts to their ancestors. Family History Youth was a concept that came out of a family history conference class that the developer of this Web site gave in 2011 at the South Davis Family History Fair. The developer also presented a class "Family History Youth" at the BYU Family History conference in August of 2012. Family History Youth is a very important concept since, as Elder Bednar pointed out, youth are especially skilled at using technology. Family History Youth focuses on pairing youth with people in families who are the one who has all the family history "stuff". Most families know who is the "keeper" of the "stuff" (histories, records, photos, etc.) Family History Youth works to train youth to digitize all the stuff and put it in an "Online Gathering Place™". Family History Youth are especially expert at using social media to collaborate on family history work. Family History Youth can work now, which is a critical time in the lives of the generation who knows the names of the ancetors in the photos. Family History Youth can help the older generation put histories, records, and photos in a format that can be uploaded to Web, Blog, and Social media sites for everyone in the family to enjoy and access and as a resource to collaborate on making progress in the family history work done by relatives. Family History Youth . com provides resources to help families create an Online Gathering Place™ which is an online repository that can be accessed as needed. Now is the time for Family History Youth to get involved in a way that miraculously brings together those who easily use technology with those who have the family history documents. Family History Youth can provide the support youth and adults need to create an Online Gathering Place™ and others sites such as blog and social media places where ancestor information can be placed. Family History Youth is expert at managing youth conferences that focus on doing the activities explained here. This is a worthwhile and valuable event for Stakes and Wards to sponsor Family History Youth conference!

Family History Youth are our hope for a better future, as we turn our hearts to our ancestors, we remember the trials, afflictions, and bondage endured by our ancestors and we live so as not to bring upon ourselves similar circumstances. Family History Youth are motivated as they make family history research and preservation a part of their everyday life. I have five youth in my family and they are very focused on the lives of their ancestors and upon family history activities such as indexing, searching for primary records, and participating in family activities.